If you make movies, documentaries or corporate videos, or if you're a dance teacher 
or student, or if you just love to dance, act or sing, there'll be something here 
for you... 

Surrey Dance Music ... Music for Dance Teachers, Music for Productions and for Musical Theatre. 

Music for Dance Teachers, Music for Productions and for Musical Theatre
"Music expresses feeling and thought, 
without language; it was below and 
before speech, and it is above and 
beyond all words" 
- Robert G. Ingersoll 
Whether you're looking for music to accompany 
dance lessons, music to underscore a film, a song 
for an audition or a new stage musical to perform, 
you've come to the right place! 
Bob Good, otherwise known as Surrey Dance Music, provides music for Dance Teachers, Music for Productions and Music for Theatre. 

Surrey Dance Music has a range of albums, both online and on CD, for teachers of theatre dance. 

Ballet, Tap and Contemporary are at the top of the list, with Stage, Modern and Song and Dance not far behind. All provide a great accompaniment for dance lessons. 
Music for Productions and for Musical Theatre and Dance Teachers
"We're fools 
whether we dance or not, 
so we might as well 
- Japanese proverb 
Music for Productions, Musical Theatre
"If a composer could say 
what he had to say in words, 
he would not bother 
trying to say it 
in music" 
- Gustav Mahler 

Bob Good composes and produces Music for Production Libraries around the world. 

Bob's original, creative and unique music has been used in many countries in TV documentaries and dramas, adverts, election campaigns, corporate videos, films and many other guises. 

Latest News and Events: 

16th May 2017 
New piano and strings track "Among Friends" is now available pre-cleared for all uses from the Cinephonix library. Slow, graceful and melancholic with a smooth, assured melody. Click here for further details. 
29th March 2017 
Three of Bob's pieces have been used in a film by Martin Cox about the distillery responsible for SIlent Pool Hand Crafted Gin. Click here to watch the film. 
24th February 2017 
New Latin American track "A Different Dancer" has arrived on the Platinum Music LIbrary. Assured, liquid-smooth, percussive, relaxed, evocative and groovy. Click here for more details. 
Surrey Dance Music Bob Good
"Without music, 
life would be a mistake" 
- Friedrich Nietzsche 
Bob Good Production Music
Surrey Dance Music Bob Good
Surrey Dance Music Bob Good
Music for Dance Teachers, Music for Productions and Musical Theatre
Music for Dance Lessons, Music for Dance Teachers, Ballet Music, Tap Music
Music for Productions, Film, TV, Adverts, Corporate Video
Music for Musical Theatre, Audition Songs, Stage Musical
Music for Tap Class, Music for Ballet Lessons, Music for Dance Teachers
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