If you make movies, documentaries or corporate videos, or if you're a dance teacher or student, or if you just love to dance, act or sing, there'll be something here for you.. 

Dance Music Albums for Classes in all Theatre Dance disciplines. 

Our Highly Acclaimed range of Quality Albums for Ballet, Tap, Stage, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Modern and so on is ideal to accompany Dance Classes, Festivals, Choreography, Examinations, Auditions and Shows. 

Click on any of the images below to listen to tracks, and to download them from your favourite online store. 
To use any of the non-Roba music below in a Video Production (e.g. YouTube, Corporate Videos etc.) please visit Pond5 website, or get in touch via our Contact page. 
Want to play some of our pieces yourself? Visit our Music For Performance page for titles available and details of how to get the sheet music. 

Studies In Tap 

7 sections (Warm-Ups, Riffs, Pick-Ups, Wings, Timesteps, Arm Routines, Rhythm & Tap), all good music for tap class. There are pieces of varying difficulty within each section. We think this is the best tap class album ever! 

Orchestral Suite No.1 ("The Animal Suite") 

New for 2024! Five zoological sketches celebrating the natural world, each movement depicts a different animal: Monkey, Mara, Sloth, Pygmy Hippo and Giant Panda. The score will be available from the publishers (Studio Music) later in 2024. 

Olivia, The Witch And The Christmas Tree 

New for 2024! 
A Christmas story about a young girl who gets lost and meets a witch. Narration describes the forthcoming action, thereby inviting the audience to use their imagination as the music unfolds. Score/narration will be available from the publishers (Studio Music) later in 2024. 

Studies In Ballet 

Training and complete exercises ideal for older students and higher grades, including adult and further education. Includes pieces for barre and centre practice. 

Sinfonietta No.1 ("Silver") 

New for 2022! 
Bob's first full Sinfonietta, nicknamed "Silver", is now available in sampled audio form by clicking here. Live performances are scheduled for various orchestras around the UK for Autumn/Winter 2022 and Spring 2023. 

Three Stages 

New for 2021! 
"Three Stages" is an EP comprising instrumental versions of three of our favourite pieces from our musical theatre shows. 
"Give Me Men" from "Silver's Ghost" is a sassy, attention-grabbing big band number. "Shades Of Pink" and "No Spring Chicken" from "Stud" are upbeat jazz funk and rock numbers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

Elegantia String Quartets 2 

New for 2019! Another selection of String Quartets ideal for ballet. 

Life's Good 

New for 2018! A selection of tracks, all expressing a certain contentment with life. 

Up To No Good 

New for 2017! A selection of pieces to underscore mischief. Primarily aimed at broadcast media, but ideal for dancers, too! 

Elegantia String Quartets 

A selection of string quartets ideal for ballet. 

Step By Step 

Graduated by tempo and complexity, each track a little faster than the previous one. This is a great CD to accompany a tap class, as well as being ideal for personal tap practice. Particularly good for timesteps - start practising slowly and build up! 

The Magic Of Modern 

16 and 32-bar exercise and 1 to 3-minute complete dances to inspire the modern dancer. 

Ballet Brilliance 

All-purpose ballet compilation with floor and barre exercises and a suite of pieces which can be used to provide a storyline. 

Get Tapping! 

Includes tacets / stop-time and jazz waltz, ideal for tap teachers everywhere. 


Pieces designed for contemporary classwork and pieces designed to inspire choreography and creativity of thought.  

Until The Cows Come Home 

A selection of live recordings for modern ballet. 

Amongst Friends 

A selection of live recordings for modern ballet. 

More of that Ilk 

Percussion, lyrical, jazz and so on, atmospheric and exciting pieces especially good for AS level - all under three minutes long. 

Favourite Ballet Pieces 

Lyrical piano solos through to fully orchestrated works for groups. A great accompaniment for many ballet lessons.  

Inspiration On Tap 

For solos, duets. trios and groups. 

The World is My Stage 

A selection of Song and Dance pieces, aimed primarily at Festivals, but this is proving increasingly popular for auditions. 

The Beauty Of Ballet 

A compilation of "tremendous value and interest to all teachers" (Glenn Trickett, Dance Teacher magazine). 

The Festival Collection 

More than an hour's worth of music for Fesitvals and Shows, including two-minute pieces for modern, ballet, lyrical, stage, tap, jazz and national.  

Everybody Dance! 

A compilation ideal for festival entries. 

Adventures in Ballet 

Pushing the boundaries of ballet lessons for all ages. 


This album, which includes "All I've Got" (useful alto audition* piece!), provides a great backdrop for almost any type of dance show, whether it's a festival entry, an end-of-term show, a gymnastic display or even a circus!  
*Sheet music for this character song can be purchased from Sheet Music Plus. Click here for more details. 
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