If you make movies, documentaries or corporate videos, or if you're a dance teacher or student, or if you just love to dance, act or sing, there'll be something here for you.. 

 Musicals Available for Rental:  

Silver's Ghost 

Set against a backdrop of World War II, Silver's Ghost tells the story of Silver Brizeley-Lemington and her fiance, Jack. 
"If you make a difference for people after you, even if you die, people remember that. You might save a life, or defend someone 
you love, and when they remember what you did, they remember you. And if they remember you, you've not really gone.” 
Set entirely in the grand hallway of a stately home, this ghost story begins in the late summer of 1939 when the storm clouds of war are gathering. 
The timeless and enduring love between the two young leads is contrasted with a burgeoning romance, as it charts the efforts which Mrs Grimshaw, the grumpy hypochondriacal housekeeper, makes to deter the romantic advances of Cedric Perkins, the irrepressible local postman. 
Music by Bob Good, dialogue by Christina Buchanan, and additional material by Pete Knott and David Burton. 

Rental information:- 

Duration - 105 minutes in two acts. 
20 copies of script / vocal score 
2 copies of piano / conductor score 
1 set of band parts (bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, violin, reed (alto sax, clarinet, flute)) 
To apply for the rights to hire “Silver’s Ghost” and for perusal material please contact us 


The distant planet of Syrenius is populated only by women who reproduce by parthenogenesis, but their birth rate is falling 
and something has to be done about it. Their search brings them to earth where they find someone unfortunately inappropriate 
for this special task, and the fun begins … 
STUD uses a large female chorus with fun character parts of varying sizes, to tell its comic story of alien abduction. 
Dialogue and lyrics by Christina Buchanan, music by Bob Good. 

Rental information: 

Duration - 120 minutes in two acts. 
30 copies of script / vocal score 
2 copies of piano conductor score 
1 set of band parts (bass, drums, guitar) 
To apply for the rights to hire “Stud” and for perusal material please contact us 
As well as an Arranger and Rehearsal Accompanist, Bob is well-known locally for having been Musical Director on many Shows since the early 1980’s. 
It would be impossible to pick a Favourite from so many years of Directing, but some of the less well-known Highlights include... 
Jan 1986: The Shoe Shop Show 
Feb 1996: A Slice Of Saturday Night 
Oct 2001: Blondel 
Feb 2003: Pandemonium 
May 2004: Silver’s Ghost 
May 2005: Personals 
Oct 2007: Stud 
Nov 2014: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change 
... and he’s always looking for new challenges! ... 
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