If you make movies, documentaries or corporate videos, or if you're a dance teacher or student, or if you just love to dance, act or sing, there'll be something here for you.. 

 Bob Good composes Original, Creative and Unique Music for Film, TV, Adverts, Corporate Videos and so on in a wide range of Genres and Styles, Specialising in Instrumental Pieces and always working with Talented Musicians and Engineers.  

My grandfather was a master builder. He once said to me that he looked on everything he built as a monument to himself. I know that was his way of saying “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” and it really struck a chord with me. 
It's important to me, when I’m writing and recording, that every recording of every performance of every note is the best it can be ... after all, once it’s out there there’s no going back, no tweaking and when I’m lucky enough to hear something I’ve produced being used in a new context, then I want to be proud that I’ve done a good job! 
I feel honoured and humbled that my music has been used in such a wide diversity of situations, from local radio adverts here in the UK to election campaigns in the USA; in television documentaries and dramas from South America to the Middle East, and including our own BBC and ITV. 
My music is available exclusively on various libraries, including:- 
Surrey Dance Music Library (yes, that's our very own one) - atmospheric, filmic, jazz, choral 
Cinephonix Music Library (London, Australia, LA) - atmospheric, filmic, jazz, choral 
Music For Productions Library (Canada) - classical, classical crossover, piano/strings 
Boom! Music Library (Surrey) - classical, piano/strings 
Organic Music LIbrary (USA) - quirky, comedy, tongue-in-cheek, piano rags 
Roba Production Music (Germany) - classical, string quartet, comedy, drama 
Mode Music LIbrary (West Midlands) - piano/strings, atmospheric 
Platinum Music Library (London) - light-hearted comedy 
Handmade Sounds (Salisbury) - delicate piano 
Evolution Media Music (UK) - fun classical 
Pond5 (USA) - Surrey Dance Music back catalogue for production use 
My library placements in 2017 included:- 
BBC1: Masterchef (A Fond Farewell) 
BBC1: The One Show (An Innocence) 
BBC1: Autumnwatch (Acorns To Oaks) 
BBC1: James Martin: Home Comforts (Manor Born) 
Channel 4: A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away (Tea At The Savoy) 
Channel 4: A Place In The Sun (Sarabandia Variation 2) 
Discovery: British Treasure, American Gold (Eternal Night) 
Finnish Films: Spandex Sapiens (Adoramus) 
Canal Vie (Canada): Ex Au Defi (Love Within) 
France 3: Au Fil De La Durance Des Haute (And There Were Bears) 
MTV Lebanon: Al Hayba (various) 
and many more 
Click here to visit my production music website. 
Click here to visit my production music Facebook page. 
October's Featured Track 
October must be a very special month to deserve “When We Kissed” as its Featured Track. 
Featuring Hilary Harwood, this 1930s-1950s nightclub-style song is firmly tongue-in-cheek. It's from the new "Life's Good" album, available to license exclusively from the Roba Music Library. 
"When We Kissed" features:- 
Hilary Harwood: vocal 
Bob Good: piano 
Sam Rommer: bass 
Martin Newbury: drums 
Zoë Phillips: reeds 
Martyn Hayward: reeds 
Tim Volkard: cello 
Richard Milone: violin 
Anne Martin: violin 
Emma Sheppard: viola 
Paul Harris: trumpet 
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